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129th Legislative Session Voting Scorecards

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House/Senate Name District Business Voting Record
House Adams, John OH_085 100
House Adams, Richard OH_080 100
House Amstutz, Ron OH_001 100
House Anielski, Marlene OH_006 100
House Antonio, Nickie OH_013 33
House Ashford, Michael OH_044 31
Senate Bacon, Kevin OH_003 100
House Baker, Nan OH_016 100
Senate Balderson, Troy OH_020 100
House Barnes, John OH_012 47
House Batchelder, William OH_069 100
Senate Beagle, Bill OH_005 100
House Beck, Peter OH_054 100
House Blair, Terry OH_042 100
House Blessing, Jr., Louis OH_029 100
House Boose, Terry OH_057 100
House Boyce, Kevin OH_025 100
House Boyd, Barbara OH_009 29
House Brenner, Andrew OH_067 100
Senate Brown, Edna OH_011 45
House Buchy, Jim OH_084 100
House Budish, Armond OH_008 29
Senate Burke, Dave OH_026 100
House Butler, James OH_041 100
Senate Cafaro, Capri OH_032 64
House Carney, John Patrick OH_022 40
House Celebrezze, Nicholas OH_015 25
House Cera, Jack OH_096 25
House Clyde, Kathleen OH_075 40
Senate Coley, Bill OH_004 100
House Conditt, Margaret OH_052 100
House Damschroder, Rex OH_088 100
House Derickson, Timothy OH_053 100
House DeVitis, Anthony OH_036 100
House Dovilla, Mike OH_007 100
House Driehaus, Denise OH_031 40
House Duffey, Michael OH_021 100
Senate Eklund, John OH_018 83
Senate Faber, Keith OH_012 100
House Fedor, Teresa OH_045 36
House Foley, Mike OH_014 13
Senate Gentile, Lou OH_030 50
House Gerberry, Ronald OH_059 40
House Gonzales, Anne OH_019 100
House Grossman, Cheryl OH_023 100
House Hackett, Robert OH_074 100
House Hagan, Christina OH_050 100
House Hagan, Robert OH_058 14
House Hall, Dave OH_070 100
House Hayes, Bill OH_072 100
House Heard, Tracy Maxwell OH_026 29
House Henne, Michael OH_040 100
House Hill, Brian OH_097 100
Senate Hite, Cliff OH_001 100
House Hottinger, Jay OH_071 100
House Huffman, Matt OH_004 100
Senate Hughes, Jim OH_016 82
House Johnson, Terry OH_090 93
Senate Jones, Shannon OH_007 100
Senate Jordan, Kris OH_019 100
Senate Kearney, Eric OH_009 64
House Landis, Allen OH_098 100
Senate LaRose, Frank OH_027 82
Senate Lehner, Peggy OH_006 100
House Letson, Tom OH_064 33
House Lundy, Matt OH_055 27
House Lynch, Matt OH_076 100
House Maag, Ron OH_062 100
House Mallory, Dale OH_032 50
Senate Manning, Gayle OH_013 73
House McClain, Jeffrey OH_087 100
House McGregor, Ross OH_079 93
House Milkovich, Zack OH_035 40
House O'Brien, Sean OH_063 40
Senate Obhof, Larry OH_022 100
Senate Oelslager, Scott OH_029 82
House Patmon, Bill OH_010 40
Senate Patton, Thomas OH_024 90
House Pelanda, Dorothy OH_086 100
Senate Peterson, Bob OH_017 100
House Phillips, Debbie OH_094 20
House Pillich, Constance OH_028 53
House Ramos, Daniel OH_056 13
House Reece, Alicia OH_033 33
House Roegner, Kristina OH_037 100
House Rosenberger, Clifford OH_091 100
House Ruhl, Margaret OH_068 100
Senate Sawyer, Tom OH_028 55
Senate Schaffer, Tim OH_031 100
House Scherer, Gary OH_092 100
Senate Schiavoni, Joe OH_033 55
House Schuring, Kirk OH_048 100
House Sears, Barbara OH_047 100
Senate Seitz, Bill OH_008 91
Senate Skindell, Michael OH_023 10
House Slaby, Marilyn OH_038 100
House Slesnick, Stephen OH_049 50
House Smith, Ryan OH_093 100
Senate Smith, Shirley OH_021 55
House Sprague, Robert OH_083 100
House Stautberg, Peter OH_027 100
House Stebelton, Gerald OH_077 93
House Stinziano, Michael OH_018 60
House Sykes, Vernon OH_034 36
House Szollosi, Matt OH_046 40
Senate Tavares, Charleta OH_015 27
House Terhar, Louis OH_030 100
House Thompson, Andrew OH_095 100
Senate Turner, Nina OH_025 45
House Wachtmann, Lynn OH_081 100
Senate Widener, Chris OH_010 100
House Williams, Sandra OH_011 27
House Winburn, Roland OH_043 27
House Young, Ron OH_061 100

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